• A Look Into Ashtanga Yoga

    If you prefer a structured work out routine then Ashtanga Yoga is the one for you.  The basis of this style of yoga is based on performing the same set of poses, in the same order, and in the same breath count.  Ashtanga Yoga does not have a specific discovery date but was made popular in the 194... View Post
  • Vinyasa Yoga

    Did you know that different styles and formats of yoga exists?  Not all yoga falls under the same category, the poses, sequences and breathing patterns can differ and make a class either harder or easier.  There are seven different forms of yoga: Yin, Restorative, Ashtanga, Hatha, Strala, Iyengar... View Post
  • Yoga For Beginners!

    2022 has rolled around and as usual the New Year, New Me resolutions are in full effect for most people.  We know it can be hard to sustain some goals for the entire year but we think we have found the perfect routine for you that is not only easy to keep, but beneficial in more ways than one.  T... View Post