Guide Me Bundle

Enhance your healthy lifestyle with the Guide Me Bundle. The combination of these 5 guides will have you covered for your weight loss, detox, diet, and exercise regimen!
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    It's not a product. It's a plan. A well thought out one.

    Find out why & how it works.

    1. You are what you eat

    Not seeing the results you want? Are you confused on what you should be eating? Our Eating Guide will outline the most important aspects of dieting and show you different examples of what you should be eating so you can start seeing results!

    2. 7 Day Transformation

    What if we told you that you can begin transforming your body in 7 days? With our 7 Day Detox Guide you can do just that! Filled with recipes, workouts, and detox recipes broken down by each day of the week, there's no reason for you not to stay on track!

    3. Feel the burn

    Take a look inside our Workout Guide to get some tips and ideas for your workouts. We have included a variety of exercises and a detailed description on how to perform them properly. The time is now to start building the body you've always wanted!

    4. Look beautiful, feel beautiful!

    Stress is the biggest culprit of aging and YOGA has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. With our Yoga Guide, we show you different stretches and techniques to follow to help ease with everyday stress.

    5. Stay hydrated while cleansing!

    Who says water has to be boring! Find unique, creative detox water recipes in our 26 Detox Water Guide. You can make your detox water the night before to save time and you can refill your detox water 3 times with the same fruits throughout the day.

    • Just tried @SkinnyBunnyTea for the first time this morning... and I am in πŸ’•with the flavors! Chocolate flavored weight loss drink...AMAZING! πŸ˜œβ˜•οΈ
      Tara M
    • Me time = Tea time I've been trying to find the right detox tea that tastes yummy and a friend recommended @SkinnyBunnyTea
    • After a long day of shooting all I wanna do is relax and have my "PM" @skinnybunntea Teas are an easy and natural way to...
      Daphne J
    • Good deal! Can't wait! The tea is amazing btw I've been using it for months. Perfect compliment to a clean diet and gym routine!

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