Beauty Bundle

Looking to maintain your natural beauty and age well? Our Beauty Bundle includes grass-fed Collagen Peptides, Detox Water Bottle, as well as 2 FREE Eating and Yoga Guides. Our collagen supports healthy aging and promotes hair and nail growth.

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    It's not a product. It's a plan. A well thought out one.

    Find out why & how it works.

    Maintain that beauty!

    Start your day with your Detox Water Bottle and add a scoop of our Grass-fed Collagen Peptide. Our Collagen Peptide is unflavored so go ahead, mix it in with whatever you prefer!

    • Energy Tea, Detox, Weight Loss
    • Energy Tea, Detox, Weight Loss
    • Energy Tea, Detox, Weight Loss
    • Energy Tea, Detox, Weight Loss
    • Energy Tea, Detox, Weight Loss
    • Energy Tea, Detox, Weight Loss
    • Energy Tea, Detox, Weight Loss
    • Energy Tea, Detox, Weight Loss
    • Energy Tea, Detox, Weight Loss
    • Energy Tea, Detox, Weight Loss

    Look beautiful, feel beautiful!

    We have included a FREE copy of our YOGA Guide to help you relax and ease tension. Stress is the biggest culprit of aging and YOGA has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Study our Eating Guide to make sure you are eating the right foods for your hair, nails and skin!


    • Tara M

      Just tried @SkinnyBunnyTea for the first time this morning... and I am in 💕with the flavors! Chocolate flavored weight loss drink...AMAZIN...

      @cheetara_flame via Instagram
    • Inga

      Me time = Tea time I've been trying to find the right detox tea that tastes yummy and a friend recommended @SkinnyBunnyTea

      @ingalala_ via Instagram
    • Daphne J

      After a long day of shooting all I wanna do is relax and have my "PM" @skinnybunntea Teas are an easy and natural way to detox and nourish...

      @daphnejoy via Instagram
    • Ashley

      Good deal! Can't wait! The tea is amazing btw I've been using it for months. Perfect compliment to a clean diet and gym routine!

      @abann9 via Instagram
    • Krista

      Drinking the Energy tea from @SkinnyBunnyTea instead of coffee and I'm absolutely in love with it! #VanillaFlavor #SkinnyBunnyTea

      @kristaayne via Facebook
    • Ana C

      Beautiful night in the desert relaxing with my family ❤️🌵✨ Detoxing is a great way to look and feel your healthiest, I like drinking the @...

      @anacheri via Facebook
    • Britt S

      Just trued @SkinnyBunnyTea and it's amazing! I'm having the AM energizing tea with black tea, caramel, and vanilla😍❤️💪🏻

      @brittanysuleiman via Instagram
    • Eriana B

      Detoxing is a great way to look and feel your healthiest. I like drinking the @SkinnyBunnyTea Detox because it's good for you and tastes a...

      @eriana_blanco via Instagram
    • Sophia M

      I've heard that detoxing is great for you hair, skin, and nails. After using @skinnybunnytea Detox I feel great!

      @sophiamiacova via Instagram
    • Vida G

      Went to meditate by the water and now enjoying my #SkinnyBunnyTea. Ive been waking up with @skinnybunntea to help me lose weight.

      @vidaguerra via Instagram
    • Mike Z

      I only drunk this tea all week and nothing else and lost 8kg in one week! !! What a totally amazing excellent discovery. ..

      @mickzings via Instagram
    • Amber G

      Best tea I've ever had! I normally don't even drink tea haha. Works great as a replacement for my morning coffee.

      @amber_grn via Instagram


    • Our Detox Teas do not contain any laxatives. We use your body's natural ability to kick start the detox by using premium blended tea leaves!

    • Yes, of course you can drink the tea cold! However, we do recommend to first make your tea using boiling water so it steeps properly and then let the tea sit out or put in the refrigerator.

    • Yes! Our teas are low in sugar so they are perfect for Keto Dieters!

    • You can check them selecting this dropdown:

    • We have 1000's of reviews of customers claiming to lose weight using our products. Every body is different but with the right diet, supplements and exercise it's realistic to reach your goals!

    • Bring one cup of water to a boil and pour into a cup. Then place Tea Sachet Packet into cup fully immersing it in the water. The tea bag should sit in for 2-5 minutes before you remove it. Enjoy your tea!

    • Ingredients in our tea are sourced from gardens all over the world! All manufacturing and packaging happens in California, USA. in a cGMP facility that is monitored by the FDA.

    • Our Weight Loss AM Tea does contain minimal caffeine for an extra jolt throughout the day! Compared to a cup of a coffee, our teas are 50% less! Rule of thumb is 2 cups of tea is equal to 1 cup of coffee.