Collagen is becoming a popular supplement for the fountain of youth! This is because it plays a crucial role in the quality and look of our skin, hair and nails. It is an abundant protein in these areas of our body, along with many others.

Collagen acts like a glue working with elastin, another protein, which together creates the snap back to our skin. It is so important because it makes up 80% of the dermis layer of our skin. This is the thickest layer of our skin which helps our outer layer of skin look young and plump!

Collagen production starts to slow down as early as 25 years old! This is why we start to see fine lines and wrinkles in the mid 20s. And it only gets worse with each passing year.

How can we fight it, how can we save our youthful skin?

Make sure you are eating enough collagen. The easiest way to know that is to take a collagen supplement, specifically collagen peptides. Research shows taking collagen supplements help reduce wrinkles, boost skin elasticity, hydration, and the actual cells that make the collagen themselves.

By taking a supplement you are ensuring that you are feeding your body the collagen it needs to reap the benefits of beautiful skin!

Overall nutrition is still important to keep in mind though. Drinking enough water is very important to keep your skin hydrated which helps to fight against wrinkles. Eating foods naturally high in collagen is also helpful, you just don’t know the exact amount you are eating and collagen sources are not always convenient. Natural sources of collagen include egg yolks, bone broth and organ meats.

Supplement with Vitamin C.
Vitamin C helps your body create collagen naturally even with the decreasing production as we age.

By adding a collagen supplement, drinking enough water, maybe eating some eggs and adding a vitamin C supplement you can help your body’s natural collagen production in just a few weeks! Firmer skin, glowing hair and skin, healthier nails, fewer wrinkles.. I’ll take a serving every day!
October 18, 2022 — Bianca Shah