Hello gorgeous!

Bianca here - one of Skinny’s founders.

We’re making some major brand updates inspired by my own fitness journey that we’d like to share with you.

Skinny.com was created to get away from fad diets and shift towards helping people create healthy and sustainable habits.

We are redefining the word Skinny.

We believe every body is beautiful and we don’t discriminate against people ripped with muscles or people with rolls all over (I’m this one).

Skinny is no longer a brand that supports an image, it supports being healthy and finding yourself along the way. Another component of Skinny is mental health. Today we are flooded with pictures and videos of people who have, what society deems, as the perfect body. We want Skinny customers to understand that they aren’t alone. They don’t have to have that “perfect body” to be considered healthy.

During my journey, I never saw a fitness influencer with my body type. As I mentioned I have rolls galore, but I love going to the gym and my form is often better than people who are “skinnier” than me. After going to the doctor, I found out that I am the healthiest I have ever been, even though I still have some weight I’d like to shed and am nowhere near society’s “perfect.”

I would love to see some representation from baddies that have arm fat hanging down or have a belly that hangs over their leggings. Someone with rolls coming out of their bra strap because that’s what’s real.

Every person’s fitness journey is different and we want to support those differences. It doesn’t matter what kind of diet or workout plan you are following, if it works for you, then you’re doing something right.

Skinny carries products that are meant to boost your health goals while creating a community that supports our clients physically, mentally, and internally.