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Finding it tough to overcome the mid-afternoon lull? Our Matcha Tea coupled with our Detox Water Bottle and Guides will clean your system and energize you once again! Matcha Tea has detox effects, increases energy levels, and has antioxidants.

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    It's not a product. It's a plan. A well thought out one.

    Find out why & how it works.

    1. Its' Matcha Morning!

    Each morning you will start your day with breakfast and a cup of this frothy Matcha!. Whip up & indulge in the green frothy tea - get a little crazy & mix it in with a detox water or a smoothie! Matcha is full of anti-oxidants and other known fat burning qualities! A great way to stay on top of your water intake is to actually mix in your Matcha with your Detox Water!

    • Energy Tea, Detox, Weight Loss
    • Energy Tea, Detox, Weight Loss
    • Energy Tea, Detox, Weight Loss
    • Energy Tea, Detox, Weight Loss
    • Energy Tea, Detox, Weight Loss
    • Energy Tea, Detox, Weight Loss
    • Energy Tea, Detox, Weight Loss
    • Energy Tea, Detox, Weight Loss
    • Energy Tea, Detox, Weight Loss
    • Energy Tea, Detox, Weight Loss

    2. Stay hydrated while cleansing!

    Who says water has to be boring! Find unique, creative detox water recipes in our 26 Detox Water Guide. You can make your detox water the night before to save time and you can refill your detox water 3 times with the same fruits throughout the day. Don't forget to stay on track with your 7 Day Detox Guide!


    • Krista

      Drinking the Energy tea from @SkinnyBunnyTea instead of coffee and I'm absolutely in love with it! #VanillaFlavor #SkinnyBunnyTea

      @kristaayne via Facebook
    • Emely M

      This tea is amazing! I've lost 1 inch around my waist in 6 days and have not felt bloated. It is slow progress but the energy it gives fee...

      @emely.acevedo.946 via Facebook
    • Cynthia C

      I love my skinny bunny tea. Had to go off it for a month but now that I am drinking again, started losing and hae awesome energy ❣️🥰 via Facebook
    • Martha C

      Super excited that I got my second shipment from @skinnybunnytea 😋🙆🏻‍♀️ love the natural energy it gives me

      @msmarthamay via Instagram
    • Raveena S

      I drink these teas everyday and I have so much more energy and I have lost weight! Great product!

      @raveena523 via Facebook
    • Erika H

      It helped me with bloat, and increase in energy levels. Love it. 😊 of course everyone is different but these are my experiences. It also h...

      @erika.hernandez.1029 via Facebook
    • Earline H

      I love this product, I drink it every morning, I have tons of energy, and have lost a couple of pounds

      @earline.hagenes.79 via Facebook
    • Jenny

      Day 3 of my skinny fit bundle. I have great energy and I don't feel so bloated anymore! Love the ebook too! You guys are awesome :)

      @jenny_111 via Instagram
    • Tara Y.

      Definitely going to try this infusions! I love these detoxes, they have helped me with day to day energy and I truly feel cleansed! 💗☕️

      @tarayancey via Instagram
    • Bura M.

      I love that tea. My favorite one is the vanilla but the lemon one is also very tasty ❤️I ordered 4 bottles. Is really te best tea I ever h...

      @mihaelabura via Instagram
    • Angela G.

      I love these teas! 💖They give me an energy boost in the morning, curb cravings and help me relax at night!

      @goody1965 via Instagram
    • Angela G.

      goody1965">@goody1965 via Instagram


    • Our Detox Teas do not contain any laxatives. We use your body's natural ability to kick start the detox by using premium blended tea leaves!

    • Yes, of course you can drink the tea cold! However, we do recommend to first make your tea using boiling water so it steeps properly and then let the tea sit out or put in the refrigerator.

    • Yes! Our teas are low in sugar so they are perfect for Keto Dieters!

    • You can check them selecting this dropdown:

    • We have 1000's of reviews of customers claiming to lose weight using our products. Every body is different but with the right diet, supplements and exercise it's realistic to reach your goals!

    • Bring one cup of water to a boil and pour into a cup. Then place Tea Sachet Packet into cup fully immersing it in the water. The tea bag should sit in for 2-5 minutes before you remove it. Enjoy your tea!

    • Ingredients in our tea are sourced from gardens all over the world! All manufacturing and packaging happens in California, USA. in a cGMP facility that is monitored by the FDA.

    • Our Weight Loss AM Tea does contain minimal caffeine for an extra jolt throughout the day! Compared to a cup of a coffee, our teas are 50% less! Rule of thumb is 2 cups of tea is equal to 1 cup of coffee.