•   Pancakes are a favorite weekend treat at the American breakfast table. Fluffy, buttery, and sweet -- they’re easy to enjoy, but they’re not exactly nutritious. At Skinny Bunny we firmly believe in eating what you love and making your food work for you! That’s why we’re sharing our favorite pan... View Post
  • 3 Skinny Cocktail Recipes You’ll Love

    Hey Skinny Bunnies!  We talk a lot about physical health and wellness on our blog -- but mental health is just as important. It’s great to try and treat your body as well as you can -- but sometimes for your sanity you really need a dang cocktail. We hear you! And since moderate alcohol consumpti... View Post
  • Spring time Recipes

    You may still be shaking off those old winter blues, but Spring has sprung! That means blooming flora, singing fauna, and basking in the sunshine -- but it can also mean allergies, inflammation, and facing the reality of getting your body beach ready! Getting in shape for summer doesn’t have to b... View Post