All-in-One Tea Bundle

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Heather Lang

I love the morning weight loss tea and the pm detox tea, they work very well for me.

Marie Burg-Smith

Love all you teas.. So Much energy and I'm not hurry all the time. In which, I needed .. Thank you

Faith Omeonu
Best tea ever

I have been a customer for over 5 years, and i have always ordered the Detox tea and the weight loss tea. Its absolutely amazing, the taste is great regardless of whether its hot or cold, it is also super affordable and theres always one sale or the other almost every weekend. I will definitely be a forever customer! Thank you skinny bunny!

Marie Burg-Smith

It gave me energy and great flavor teas

Monica Duarte
Skinny bunny tea

This was my second order of skinny bunny teas love the flavors they offer good to drink alone or mix as a smoothie

Meet The New Skinny!

Can I consume all the Skinny products together?

Yes! You can consume Skinny Products together! Try adding collagen to your detox greens or on its own. Any of our powders can also be mixed with our teas. Check our ingredient lists for more information!

Are Skinny products natural / vegan friendly / halal-certified / kosher / milk / soy free / gluten free?

We offer a wide range of products that are natural, vegan friendly, kosher, milk, soy and gluten free. Be sure to check our website ( for more information on our individual products and their nutritional values.

Are Skinny Product made in the USA?

We source our ingredients from all over the world but our product are manufactured, packed and shipped from right here in the USA!

Is there any specific meal plan I should follow strictly

Different diets work for different people! We recommend speaking with a professional to help you find what diet works best for you in conjunction with Skinny products.

Will I lose weight or slim down after consuming the Skinny products?

We understand that losing weight can be challenging at times. Skinny products are a great addition to any health regime since it is designed to maximize your results. Skinny products should be used in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet as well as a regular exercise program.

Can I take skinny products without food? How long before I see results when using skinny products?

Yes you can take all Skinny products without food! We usually do not give a time table for results because each body works differently. On average, you can expect to see results within 90 days with consistent usage. We recommend consulting with a health professional with any specific questions.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
It’s very work for cravings for sugar I can’t believe it. It’s work
—  Mercan A. Weight Loss, Burn & Appetite Control
Customer reviews
I've tried other brands of detox tea, but Skinny Bunny has proven to help with my weight loss the best. It's pleasant tasting, and affordable.
— Christy J. Beauty, Hair, Skin & Nail Support
Customer reviews
I love it beyond words been using it for little over a month now and feel great and noticed weight dropping off and it taste great
— Tanya L. Daily Essentials
Customer reviews
It not only helps me to hydrate after my workout, it helps to make my hair and nails better. My hair and nails are healthier and I get compliments on them now.
— Shariffah M., No Artificial Coloring, No Sugar Added, Yeast Free, Dairy Free, Heavy Metal Tested, Natural Ingredients, Gluten Free, Preservative Free, Keto Friendly, Micro Tested, Soy Free, Registered Facility, Cruelty Free