Bianca here - One of the founders of Skinny.

I wanted to start chatting with you guys on a more regular basis. I was heavily involved in our most recent rebrand I think it’s very important that you understand our new approach to health & wellness.

The old Skinny was focused primarily on weight loss but I know as well as anyone that health & weight are not synonymous.

The new Skinny is focused on transforming all aspects of your life positively because Healthy is the new Skinny.

Today let’s talk about how your habits can impact your health.

Living life day to day sounds and may feel easier than having and sticking to a routine.

But the reality is, having a routine is the best choice you can make today for your future self. Routine positively impacts your mental and physical health. It also allows you to hold yourself accountable with the goals you’ve set for your life.

A Guide to The Perfect Daily Routine:

Waking up - Sounds simple right? You’d be surprised how many people wake up, roll over and immediately look at their phone. It’s important to spend time with yourself in the mornings to meditate, do breath work and gradually wake up. One great way to do this is waking up earlier so you aren’t jumping out of bed and starting your day chaotically.

Skin care - Hate to break it to you but soap and water is simply not enough! Your skin covers and protects your entire body…treat it well. Washing your face, exfoliating and moisturizing with products that work with your personal chemistry are important. Also, taking supplements that help you maintain your glow. Our Collagen product works to strengthen your skin, as well as aid in its elasticity and hydration!

Eating - Girl, you better eat! Eating nutrient-rich food as frequently as possible helps with increasing metabolism which has tons of positive effects on your body such as healthy heart rate. Make sure you’re starting the day with water before taking in any caffeine and incorporating greens into your diet. Our Detox Greens help reset your digestive system and stops painful bloat in its tracks!

Work - We all have to work [sucks, we know! Haha] but your approach to work can make a world of difference. I’ve found that working in increments helps me to get through the day. 1 hour on and 30 minutes off helps keep me sane. Try it! But I’ve also been taking Skinny’s Stress Aid to help calm my work anxiety!

Bed time - Your wind down routine is just as important as how you start the day. Put the phone down and take some time to reflect on your day. What were your wins? What could have gone better and how can you fix it? Journaling is something I’d recommend to help organize your thoughts.

What are some of your routines? Text me here +1 (551) 317-2680 and we’ll talk more about it.
November 14, 2022 — Bianca Shah