If you have a Health, Wellness or Fitness goal for 2023 or better yet longevity one or more of our new teas should be on your wishlist!

Skinny has just launched 4 new teas, Gut Healthy, Mood Boosting, Relaxation, and Sex Drive. The names of the teas may seem very specific but there is so much more to each of them and even more when used together.

If you are to start with any Tea we would say Relaxation!

The purpose of Relaxation is not just to relax but we want you to be able to relax and destress before bed to get a good and quality night's rest. Sleep is at the core of all health, wellness and fitness goals.

Sleep is when your body rest, recovers, and essentially recharges itself. Without proper sleep your hormones won’t be produced in proper amounts, hunger cues, and cues of being filled will be off, metabolism efficiency will be compromised as well as your bodies ability to burn fat and recover and build lean muscle, even things like collagen production will go down! Hence why quality sleep is crucial with any health goal!

If your sleep is on track then maybe Gut Health, Mood Boosting or Sex Drive is for you! These each are different but are all tied together as well. Gut health is crucial for a great metabolism and balanced mood as the gut produces a majority of the body's serotonin.

Being in a good Mood is another key ingredient to wellness and progress. When you are in a good mood you are more likely to eat healthy, go to the gym, and meditate. Which leads us into our final tea, Sex Drive!

Having sex with your significant partner not only release a ton of hormones leaving you feeling, happy, relaxed, and even motivated, but having the right ingredients to help your body produces the proper hormones to have this effect is key. This is just a glimpse of the benefits of Skinny’s new teas and how you can use them for your goals and longevity!

December 01, 2022 — Bianca Shah