Have you lost your drive to focus on fitness? Just can't get excited the way you used to — or maybe you were never all too pumped to work out in the first place? Does that trip to the gym seem like too much of a burden?
Motivation to exercise isn't something with which you're born. You need to nurture and cultivate it over time. It’s a reflection of your interest level, and it waxes and wanes for two big reasons: 1. you either hate what you're doing or 2. you don’t see any results! Maybe both?!
So how can you reignite that spark? Let’s take a look at these SIX tricks!

1. Do What You Love

It’s no surprise that choosing to do an activity you already enjoy will keep you motivated for a long time! Some people can’t stand the gym. Is that you? Then don’t go! It doesn’t matter how you burned those calories, just that you did! Whether it’s dancing, biking, hiking, swimming, or something else — do what you love, and you’re likely to find far more stamina since you won’t be counting down the seconds until your workout is over.

2. Try Something New

On the other end of that spectrum, sticking to the same routines again and again will eventually get boring no matter how much you love them. Variety is the spice of life, right? So mix it up to keep things interesting! For example, if you usually hit the gym solo, you can try a group class. If you're a treadmill fanatic, switch to pounding the pavement outside. Try something you wouldn't normally view as exercising like heading into the water with a kayak or flying through the sky on a trapeze. Try aerial yoga, pole dancing, or sign up for a race! What’s the last thing you heard about and thought, "that'd be fun," but never did? Do that!

3. Keep It Simple!

Have you discovered some super complicated fitness program designed to help you get your best body ever?! Maybe hold off on that in favor of something far simpler to manage. While an intense 16-week course might be great for long term goals, they aren't the most motivating workout option. Setting short term ones can ensure that you stick to your plans for the long haul. Small achievements release chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. That can be addictive (in the right way!), which means you’re more likely to stay the course. What are some simple goals you can set? Maybe you want to learn how to do a pull-up or decrease the time it takes you to run a mile, whatever your small achievements may be, chip away at those milestones day by day to keep yourself motivated to get it done!

4. Strength In Numbers

Forget going out to a bar or club! Those days are over. Instead, make exercise the core of your social gatherings, and you’ll never skip a workout again! It’s way more fun to be surrounded by people you love while you’re powering through a challenging set. And when the going gets tough? All you need to do is glance over to your pal and know you’re not alone in your current struggle. Plus, it helps to have a cheerleading squad egging you on — or maybe having a little competition gets you fired up? Whatever the situation, we’re dealing with a case of the-more-the-merrier when it comes working out socially!

5. Take a Break

Feel yourself losing interest in the activities you usually love? You may just need a break! You know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Take a break from your usual routine and start to miss it a little, and you’ll find yourself with newfound motivation sooner than you think! Additionally, your body is pretty smart and will usually tell you what it needs — if you're willing to listen! You may be physically overtraining or mentally burnt out, and that lack of motivation is your system’s way of letting you know it needs a rest period before damage occurs. Either way, take some time off! Does the idea of that scare you? That's another sign you probably need a break. Need to keep moving? Go for a walk or bike ride for a few days. You’ll get back into it, we promise!

6. Treat Yourself!

Positive reinforcement is another powerful motivator — so treat yourself to something nice and reward all that hard work! A good option is new workout gear that you'll be excited to show off. Don’t have a lot of funds to spend? Don’t worry! There are plenty of options that won’t cost a penny! Try taking a luxurious bath with all your favorite soaps and candles or indulge in an extra episode of your favorite show the next time you’re having a binge session. The possibilities are endless and will leave you feeling ready to take on the world!
How’s that for a healthy dose of motivation? We use these six tips regularly around here to stay on top of our fitness goals. What are your favorite ways to stay excited about your workouts? Let us know in the comments below! Plus — if you’re looking for an extra boost? Skinny Bunny teas can help! Shop now.
September 14, 2020 — Skinny Admin