You are going to look awesome in your new leggings; you know the ones, and your fitness plan to burn calories and achieve the body you’ve been dreaming of has to keep up with your lifestyle. A tough cardio workout for you yesterday is going to feel like a warmup in no time flat. Yes, getting a workout these days while being crazy busy could mean more at-home sessions, but don’t even trip. Skinny Bunny Tea can help you get the body you want. It is time to add in weight training to take things up a notch!

Get rid of comparison and remember why you started. No one gets to approach your goals the way that you do. Getting the work done takes grit and perseverance and you’ve got them both! You are done with the excuses and looking beautiful on the outside to match who you are inside means being fueled the right way to achieve your goals. No more being frozen by fear of what could be. It is time to reframe the story about what is possible and to go for it! Now is the moment to prioritize your health and fitness and get your body and mind right where you want them. Reshaping your figure takes guts but with the right approach, knowledge, and support behind you the hard work will pay off. You will be getting great results in no time.

Dropping inches and blasting calories during a workout is always crucial, but did you know your body is burning calories even while you rest? That means, even while you are getting a mani-pedi your body is burning calories to keep you alert and energized. If that sounds low-key like mad science, know that experts have identified systems in the body responsible for this. The anaerobic energy system is responsible for short activities like 10 to 30 second sprint efforts, while the glycolytic system takes care of work in the 30 seconds to 3 minutes range (think of a round of cardio kickboxing). Even longer efforts like your marathon sessions on the treadmill are supported by the aerobic energy system. The human body is excellent at spending the right fuel, in the right way, to keep us going stronger for longer.

Cardio work taxes that aerobic system and requires your heart and lungs to kick into gear. At 55-70% of your max heart rate, your elliptical session is going to get your heart pumping harder than the dumbbells will but to stay at an elevated burn for longer after your session, you will need to hit the weights. This all means that calories are burned even after you’re done working out. To truly begin seeing the changes in your shape, some key elements are best. Adding weight training can be a major key and boosts calorie-burning after training longer than cardio alone.

Pair your fitness plan with a delicious Weight Loss AM Tea and you might forget that you’re being healthy! The sensational flavors are like a treat to your taste buds. Now those strength intervals when you are squeezing in extra reps will get you noticed by the way your jeans sit in just the right way. Maximizing the work you do is a major key in transforming your body and dropping pounds. A major boost of confidence is coming your way. Now experts know there is a scientific explanation for this afterburn effect and you can take full advantage of it.

Burn Baby, Burn!

The scientific name for this awesome benefit for your booty is Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). Your body is hard at work and needs to exchange oxygen for energy produced. That excess refers to what your body consumes above normal levels at rest. From your head to your toes, you are a machine and one that stays primed to shed those calories longer and at a faster rate than it would without resistance training. More energy spent even while you are relaxing means sliding into your latest fit with ease. Studies have revealed that turning up the volume on weight training can boost your metabolism. There have even been results of heightened calorie burning far beyond the first hour after exercise and extending up to 48 hours later! You can’t get the most out of your workouts without putting the right stuff in. You need to be firing on all cylinders.

If you have been hitting the gym and keep noticing abdominal cramping and tightness when you do crunches, it could be more than muscle fatigue. These are also signs of poor digestion and once that begins to interrupt the quality of your workouts, progress towards the body you deserve slows way down. You can’t afford to be sidelined with cramps so a calming cup of tea that helps you manage stress is the way to go. It can also improve the way your gut works throughout the day and help with gastric distress. You need a total body approach to burn more calories and stay properly fueled and that begins from the inside. Breaking food down into nutrients for energy and growth means you can create the lasting changes you want to see by ensuring what you eat is going to good use.

Your body uses oxygen and those calories you have burned will help flush away toxins and begin to repair and rebuild gorgeous lean muscle after every workout. Better digestion also leads to clearer skin, healthier hair, and improved immunity from all the nasty germs and viruses floating around. The added boost from Skinny Bunny Tea, which is gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO with tons of flavor, means you can achieve the shape that you crave easier than ever. Getting your body in check is about putting the best things in so that you can look great while living your best life.

Cleansing Your Energy & Cleansing Your System is Self Care

Remember that your body is amazing and should be treated that way. Giving yourself more of what you need is important. You never have to be afraid that you might get too bulky because of a bit of added weight training. The resistance stimulates the good kind of growth and you will still slay in that strapless dress and can proudly show off those shoulders. Choosing the right fuels for your workouts means not feeling sluggish at the end of the day and winding up on the couch binging Netflix instead of at the gym. Since high stress and processed foods are both a drag on your metabolism and can leave you feeling dull and wiped out, you need to relax and cleanse the right way with a nighttime Detox PM Tea. It tastes great and works gently with your body to improve digestion and eliminate toxins faster. This cleansing drink won’t have you looking for the bathroom like some other brands. Turning your hectic days into more tranquil nights is possible when you’ve got antioxidants and refreshing ingredients to help with promoting weight loss.

Give yourself a hand for being disciplined and overcoming temptation (in the form of bagels and scones). It’s time to bring in the big guns with some extra help from Skinny Bunny Tea, so you can keep conquering cravings. No one wants to try and chug a mug that has no taste. These teas make it easier for you to stick to the plan that will help you shape the body you’ve been wanting. Don’t wait for next summer to get here before you start upgrading the way you take care of your body. The present is a gift and there is no time like it to start enjoying the fruits of your hard work.

Every morning that begins with low energy is a chance to ignite your days with Skinny Bunny Tea. It works WITH your body so you can trust it to be easy on your system. Improved digestion with less bloat and water weight means no more squeezing into pants that seemed to fit just last month. Since the tea is sweetened with natural stevia you never have to worry about a crash like with other sugary drinks.

Take charge of your fitness with the help of the tea your friends are talking about. Combat bloat with mouthwatering raspberry peach, tropical chamomile, and more exciting flavors. Start your day with a boost of energy that helps with stress and relaxation and of course helps cut those carb cravings.

Providing natural alertness without the jitters means this tea is a whole mood and you can wind down and sleep like a baby at the end of the night. Do you want that awesome toned look for longer? Grab your tea and in 2 minutes you will be on the right path to the body of your dreams. That hard work is going to create the shape you have desired and now it’s faster than ever.

August 23, 2021 — Skinny Admin