It may seem complicated to get the body that you want initially, but that isn't the case with the proper exercise. With the best arm and back exercises and a bit of Skinny Bunny Tea, you'll be able to get the body that you've always wanted. All you have to do is regularly carry out one of the exercises that are best suited for you and drink some Skinny Bunny AM and PM tea. One day, you'll be looking at old pictures of yourself and be proud of the woman who stands before you in a mirror today. Want to know what these exercises are and which ones are the best for you? We have collected a list of the absolute best, so keep reading to find out! Here are the best arm and back exercises out there:



Dumbbell Curls:

If you're a beginner, lifting weights is a great start. Pick up some dumbbells and start with a smaller size. Simply hold them with your wrist facing upwards and move the dumbbell up close to your face and back to its original position in a vertical movement. Repeat this several times each day. This builds up your arm strength significantly. The most amazing thing related to them is that you can start small and then increase the size and weight of the dumbbell as you progress. This way, you can improve your strength as you increase the weight of your dumbbells, and you'll have unique arms and shoulders in no time.


The deadlift is known to do wonders for your back. Just like with dumbbells, you can adjust the size and weight according to your current strength. The exercise itself is simple. Hold your weight in front of you and clench it with both hands. The move is downwards by lowering your back and gently bending your knees but don't let it touch the ground. After this, stand up straight in a comparatively swift motion. Repeat this a few times each day. When it starts to feel easy, you've lost weight and improved your strength, and you can move on to something more challenging if you would like to push yourself. Who said women couldn't have a muscular body too? This exercise is excellent for your arms and back, but it also targets other areas, so it is a highly beneficial exercise for weight loss.


Tricep Dips:

If you don't have workout equipment, this is the exercise for you. All you need is a chair as the willpower to exercise every day. Tricep dips are simple. Just put your hands on the chair around the same distance as your shoulders. You should be facing away from the chair. Shift your pelvis forward till there is a gap between you and the chair. Bend your body upwards so that the shift exerts pressure onto your arms but be sure not to lock your knees. Lower your body back into the previous posture and then go back up. Do this a few times every day for a great back and arm workout with the help of a simple piece of furniture. You can use everything if it has a flat base and will stay in place as you exercise.



All you need to find is a pole that's sturdy enough to bear your body weight. You can easily find these at a gym, most parks, or you can always get one installed at home. It's not expensive at all. Make sure it is at a decent height and grab onto the pole with both your hands. Using only the force in your hands, push yourself up to the bar until your chin reaches the top of the bar. Repeat this process a bunch of times. Think of a number you aim to achieve before you start, and don't stop until you reach it. Try to increase this number after every week as it is a great back and arm exercise that can do wonders.


The best workout routine:

Now that you know some of the most incredible arm and back exercises out there, pick your favorite or combine a few. However, one essential element will perfect your journey to achieve your dream body: Skinny Bunny Tea. This tea is packed with flavor and all the necessary constituents that help women lose weight. The best routine ever would be one that incorporates both their AM and PM blends. So, an example of a great practice would be to wake up in the morning and get a hearty breakfast with some of their Weight Loss AM Tea and take a nice walk. Get along to your day and exercise whenever you deem fit. At the end of the day, after dinner, grab some of their Detox PM Tea for amazing health benefits and a great night's sleep. Everyone loves a warm cup of tea before bed anyway. Both the AM and PM teas come in multiple flavors for you to choose from and are vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free, so there's no excuse to exclude them from your diet. With this routine, you're bound to be healthy and happy with the body of your choice in no time.
All in all, many people assume that it’s extremely difficult to obtain their dream body, but that’s far from the truth. With the right kinds of exercise and diets, nothing is impossible. However, it does take work. You can't decrease weight or gain muscle overnight, but you can do many things that could help fasten the process. By adapting to an exercise that helps you lose weight and build muscle mass, you could make a huge difference. But exercise is useless without lifestyle changes. With the right diet and the inclusion of Skinny Bunny Tea, you are bound to end up with amazing results. Start now because you need to begin somewhere to reach the body goals that you aim to obtain. Even if you believe you are satisfied with the way you look, it's best to exercise and drink some AM and PM tea so that you stay healthy and look it too.
August 03, 2021 — Skinny Admin