Greens powder has become extremely popular is the healthy industry, but are they really that important?

Can you just take a multivitamin?

Honestly no!

Greens powders do have a tone of vitamins and minerals but they are very different from a multi-vitamin. Greens powders can have anywhere from 25-40 different vegetables!

Most people do not even get a vegetable in at each of their meals, if any throughout the day!

Greens typically have vegetables which are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants! There are even veggies that are not easily found or prepared.

There are added benefits such as probiotics and enzymes, all adding to a list of benefits!

Here are just our top 3!

Increase Micronutrient intake from Whole Foods

Greens are more than just a multivitamin. The nutritional content comes from actual food! So many of us lack proper nutrition and many doctors even say taking a greens powder daily can help fill in the gaps!

Increase Antioxidant Intake

Some vitamins and minerals are antioxidants but there are many antioxidants in superfoods that are not vitamins and minerals. Antioxidants help fight against illness, disease, stress, hormone dysfunction and overall keep our immune system up!

Reduced Bloating

There are many plants such as ginger, aloe vera, dandelion and more that help promote healthy digestion, reduce bloating and promote regularity! The antioxidants that help ward off stress even help to reduce bloating.

The benefits of Greens are endless! If you haven’t tried it for yourself, what are you waiting for?!

March 07, 2023 — Bianca Shah