Carbohydrates are our bodies’ favorite source of fuel. They break down into glycogen for energy quickly and efficiently, but we know those excess carbohydrates stick around as fat. Adding carb cycling to your tools to fight back against the bulge is an excellent choice. Make Skinny Bunny Teas your best friend to keep those cravings at bay and maintain energy levels while you drop inches with your new plan. Reducing total caloric intake, sparing your hard-earned muscles, and trimming fat are a few of the possibilities with this approach. Benefits of carb cycling include:

-  Control your total caloric intake

-  Eat more of the foods that keep you full and provide micronutrients

- Control spikes of hormone levels that lead to fat gain

-  Drop fat better than crash diets

Carb cycling is an approach that allows you to have high and low-carb days based on your training schedule. Alternating high and low carb days reduce insulin spikes, helps burn excess stored energy, and provides a leaner physique. With proper planning and consistent application, this method takes your fat burning up a notch.

Where To Begin

Start by finding out what your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is. This number is where your diet would need to be to maintain your regular life functions. When you set a goal to lose weight, build muscle, or maintain your current level, this is an effective indicator of structuring eating habits. Carb cycling will use this figure to help you dial in the ways to moderate your carb intake.

In addition to BMR, you will need to know what your goal is for carb cycling. If you want to fill out, lose weight, or maybe maintain, your approach will vary.

Calculate Target Calories Based on Your Goal

Once you know your regular caloric intake, shoot to get 45-50% of those calories on a high-carb day. 20-25% of your calories will come from carbs on low carbohydrate days. You will not gain weight on high-carb days if you stay diligent on your plan. Those carbs will be put to work on your training days and help empty the stored calories to fuel your workouts.

Target your hi-lo days based on training. A low-carb day is an outstanding choice when you have a rest day, as you will not require quite so many calories to power through the day. Load up on leafy green veggies to feel fuller and to curb that appetite. Load up on leafy green veggies to feel fuller and to curb that appetite. These will add volume but not calories to your meal choices.

Overtraining and undereating can lead to the yo-yo effect. Be sure to keep your Skinny Bunny Tea on hand to avoid those oops moments when you go off-plan. Be sure to plan ahead and even prepare your meals in advance when possible. Preparation will eliminate that decision fatigue that can come with adjusting how your body is handling energy.

Even if you are the same size as your best friend, who eats 1700 calories per day, some individual variances will matter. So adjust your diet to suit YOUR needs, and be sure you feel your best by staying hydrated, snacking on fresh veggies when you get the urge for the CRUNCH, and getting quality sleep.

November 01, 2021 — Admin Pass