Everyone knows that maintaining a fit figure and fueling peak performance means watching what you eat. That means paying attention to the calories you consume as well as the vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients you eat. We know about carbs and fats in the battle of the bulge, but proteins are the third macronutrient, and they can help you feel fuller. This fullness means tackling cravings for excess sweets and processed foods. There is even more to this powerhouse than meets the eye.
But did you know that many of the building blocks of protein, called amino acids, are essential but not made in our bodies? This means we need to get them from the food we eat. Even while some approaches to wellness and nutrition limit fat to help reduce calories, they also miss out on the value of protein for the whole body.

Total Daily Protein Intake

In addition to an overall balanced diet and with the help of Skinny Bunny tea, tracking what goes into your body can help you make success a planned event on your fitness journey.
Recommendations are that we eat enough protein to support our goals. If you are active, then that could mean 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Those who might have less activity and lead sedentary lives multiple their bodyweight by .36 to find the grams of protein suggested per day.
In addition to helping build and repair muscles that break down from use, protein has a role in the health of our hair, skin, organs, and it is necessary for growth. This macronutrient can also boost your metabolism and aid in your weight loss efforts. Dietary protein is found in all sorts of food sources like these:
  •   Lean cuts of beef
  •   Plant proteins in chickpeas
  •   Fresh fish with the added benefit of omega-3 fatty acids
  •   Protein from Soy

The Role of Protein in Keeping You Healthy & Beautiful

Protein is also responsible for making keratin. No, not the one you get at the salon but the one your body makes from protein. It helps you have glowing and radiant skin, silky hair, and strong nails. Collagen also needs the building blocks from protein to bring you plump and resilient skin.
In addition to flushing out toxins with Skinny Bunny’s detox tea, you need the support to your diet that will let you stay fueled and feel fuller. Processed foods and empty calories won’t do that. Amino acids from proteins can also help you combat sickness and bacteria. Boosting your immune system is just one of the added benefits of having enough protein.
Protein is also only four calories per gram, but that does not mean going overboard is a good idea. Tracking this powerhouse allows you to control your calories. This kind of planning will let you avoid storing excess calories around your midsection and thighs.
Protein brings a boost inside and out to keep you looking vibrant and fresh. It can help repair those muscles that get broken down during exercise. You won’t want to build a diet without protein, as that can cause you to yo-yo due to out-of-control cravings. Pick the sources of protein that you can stick with consistently and you won’t go wrong at mealtime.
October 11, 2021 — Admin Pass