There is no other drink that can pump you up for the day ahead like a great cup of detoxifying tea. A healthy routine has a special place for morning tea and another round of our PM tea to ensure a detox and a night of restful sleep.

Skinny Bunny AM Tea is formulated to leave you feeling bright and upbeat. A great cup of tea does feel like a magic potion for all the energy it stirs up in our bodies.

Skinny Bunny Teas are made with whole superfoods and can be used as a pre-workout beverage as well. The organic ingredients infused in the teas keep you hydrated, help ward off stress, keep insomnia at bay, and gives your skin a luminescent sparkle. So check out what you’re missing out on in your morning weight loss and evening detox routine.

Read through our recipes for a daily dose of quick metabolic booster for the day.

AM Weight Loss Routine:

The AM tea can be easily consumed with your daily weight loss routine breakfast. If you are not an early bird, don’t worry at all because you can have your healthy recipe tea anytime during the day. Just make sure that it is not consumed too close to bedtime for best results.

Fruity Weightloss Recipe with Banana Matcha Smoothie

This can serve to be a thoroughly organic breakfast for a great kick-start in the morning. It is full of greens and packed with Iron.


1 cup frozen banana slices

1 teaspoon Skinny Bunny Matcha tea powder

1 cup fresh spinach

2 teaspoons flaxseed

¾ cup unsweetened almond milk


All you need to do is blend it all in a blender, and off you go with your nutrition-packed breakfast.


PM Tea Detox

Skinny Bunny nighttime detox tea is a daily ritual that helps you sleep well and cleanse out the toxin build-up in the body. For best results, PM tea should be consumed 1 or 2 hours before sleep.

Tropical Chamomile Tea Evening Detox


1 cup Detox PM Tropical Chamomile Tea (Steeped and Chilled)

1 Sliced Lemon

1 Sliced Green Apple

Ice Cubes (optional)


Add all ingredients to a pitcher and mix. Keep refrigerated for 3 to 4 hours to allow maximum infusion of the ingredients. Your calming, Tropical Chamomile Tea is ready to be consumed. Enjoy this blend of organic detox before bed regularly for amazing results!

August 30, 2021 — Skinny Admin