Overtraining is serious stuff and not something to overlook. A study from the National Institute of Health found 5 to 60% of athletes experience overtraining, and missing out on recovery can lead to injuries. Recovery and rest are not just about doing the exercises that will allow you to walk out of the gym feeling fantastic. Recuperating from your regular hectic schedule also means not being excessive with those nights of too little sleep and days of too much activity. Putting the right things into your body is an essential part of the process. Keeping the wrong stuff out is also vital. That is why including our delightful vegan-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and kosher-certified teas must be a part of your recovery day. Here are a few essentials for recovery day that we will explore:
· Stretching
· Fueling with the correct foods
· Active Recovery Days
· High-quality sleep

Motion is Lotion

Our bodies can feel so brittle and achy after a long week or even simply a hectic day. Getting flexy and incorporating stretching can help to keep the natural blood flow. Add to your stretch routine a tea that helps to flush out toxins and impurities. Even when you are short on time, a few minutes to limber up and give those sore muscles a break can work wonders. Not only will stretching help you to feel better at the moment, but it can improve the time it takes your body to be ready for whatever you have planned next.

Add in a foam roller for a bit of a massage on your tough spots to help speed up recovery. Managing your range of motion, flexibility, and post-workout soreness can lead to better results when you return to your hard work. If you make time in the day to soak, then that is a plus in the rest and recovery playbook.

Hydration is Essential

It is tough to overstate just how important hydration is. Your body needs a regular flow of fluids to get rid of waste, feed muscles, and restore your system’s functions. Healthy blood pressure levels, elimination of excess food in your digestive system are just some of the reasons to drink up.

Your skin will remain plump and soft with the right level of hydration. It is not only during your workouts that you need to stay sipping on quality beverages but before and after exercise, staving off thirst is crucial. Proper hydration also addresses muscle cramps and soreness. It does not have to stop at H2O. Foods like fresh fruits such as watermelon, peaches, and cantaloupe are excellent choices to add natural fluids back to your body.

Sports drinks also supply electrolytes that help with muscle contraction and hydration if you need more flavor in a bottle. Always hydrate, and keep that glow about you.

Pay Attention to How You Feel

If you are hitting the wall and have no energy to finish your usual workouts, you may need to make plans for a recovery day. Did you overdo it the night before with your food choices?  Cramping and bloating can slow down any scheduled activity, so you need Skinny Tea on hand to get a boost. No one knows your body as you do. When you see steep performance shifts, it is essential to rest.

It is impossible to drink from a dry well, so plan when you would like to rest. You can still get up and socialize with your besties but make time to unplug, decompress, and give your body a break. When the signs are there, pause to evaluate how you are feeling. You invest in your health inside and out, which means taking care of things the best way you know.

Be sure you are getting enough sleep to feel restored. We are not talking about the bare minimum snooze to get through the day but to feel vibrant and ready to take action. Chronic sleep loss can lead to excess weight gain and feelings of stress that you do not need if you already have a challenging schedule.

Eat Right & Stay Active

You might be feeling pretty good on your scheduled rest day, but that does not mean you go overboard on the stair climber and forego recovery. It might be the perfect opportunity for an active recovery day. Take a brisk walk or do some hiking. Avoid high-intensity work on an active recovery day but choose some good movement to keep things pumping. You can even do a Pilates session that will be easy on your joints and help ease those aches. Try and go for no more than 45 minutes if you do a light active session.

In the autumn, a fall festival is another great way to get outdoors. Soak up some sun while you get your steps in. Just be sure to make good food choices. A small indulgence in a cider house apple donut will not derail your whole plan, but a half a dozen could make things take a turn for the worst. You need real food that is packed with vitamins and minerals to get you feeling tiptop again. Antioxidants also pack a punch when it comes to fighting inflammation, and they are your best friend on recovery days.

As food goes, there will be temptations but never fear, since you already planned and had your Skinny Bunny Tea to help curb those pesky cravings. Instead of too many sugary snacks, foods that provide healthy fats, quality protein, and effective sources of carbs all make great choices in your recovery.

You are working every day to be your best self. Looking great, feeling good, and fueling with the best stuff is crucial. Consistently meeting deadlines, making appointments, and getting it done in the gym can be draining. Make sure you are giving as much care to your recovery as you are the high-quality exercise you are doing. Truly lock in the progress you make daily. Do not skip out on Skinny Tea on your recovery days. We have got you covered.
October 05, 2021 — Stefano Iodice