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  • The Weight Loss Plan + Tea and Water Detox Plan bundle offers your body an improved triglyceride profile, enhanced weight management, a host of antioxidants, and the promotion of a healthy immune system. Drink better. Feel better.

    How It Works

      AM Tea
    Start your morning right. Drink our AM Tea with your breakfast and it will help you kick-start your metabolism! We don't sweeten our tea with processed sugar like other brands, but you can always add a couple of spoons of honey!
    All Day: Detox Water Bottle
    Want to detox? Use our Detox Water Guide along with our EPA Friendly Skinny Detox Water Bottle to carry with your during your day. The anti-oxidants in the recipes your find in your guide are better than anything else! Be the envy of the office with your Detox Water!

    Plans Included w/ Tea Bundle


    7 Day Detox Guide

    A guide to eating and working out properly for a week long detox. You will find detailed exercises and recipes designed to help you reach your fitness goals and cleanse your body.

    • Delicious Recipes
    • Step by Step Workouts
    • Menus and Schedules

    Workout Plan

    Transform your mind and body with this step-by-step training plan. Stay accountable and motivated with custom-made workout routines at home or in the gym!

    • Burn Fat
    • Tone & Firm
    • Custom Workouts

    Eating Guide

    Understand exactly what you need to eat to help you reach your fitness and health goals. Feel energized, look amazing and reach your ideal weight with the help of this eating guide!

    • Lose Weight
    • Feel Energized
    • Snack Ideas




    Start your day strong with our Skinny AM Tea. A cup of our tea is usually served hot but can even be served cold (w/ice) on a hot day!



    Leave the stress out, wind down with our relaxing and comforting PM Tea that will get feeling just right!



    Jasmine Flower

    Originates in the Himalayas in western China but can be found in many tropical locations around the world. The Jasmine aroma is so pleasant, it is often used in perfumes and creams.

    Found In: Jasmine – AM Tea

    ginger root

    Ginger Root

    This prehistoric root was widely cultivated across the Indian subcontinent for ages, when it was introduced to Europe via the then available trade routes, in the first century AD.

    Found In: Vanilla Chai – AM Tea


    Spearmint Leaf

    A leaf native to the Mediterranean, spearmint was brought to Britain by the Romans and then spread across the world due to its refreshing taste and aroma.

    Found In: Mint – PM Tea



    Native to South Africa, Rooibos is a member of the legume family. It was often plucked from the top of mountains and would develop red color due to oxidation as it was carried down.

    Found In: Vanilla Chai – AM Tea



    Rose Petals

    This Rosa Rugosa is native to eastern and northeastern Asia where it grows on the coast and even on sand dunes. Travelers often refer to these petals as an oasis in the dessert.

    Found In: Rose – PM Tea


    Valerian Root

    Originating in Europe and North Asia, Valerian is an herbaceous plant from the honeysuckle family which grows in moist, fertile soils, under a balanced amount of sunlight.

    Found In: Citrus Vanilla – PM Tea


    Tulsi Leaf

    Originating from the mountain side terrain of the Indian subcontinent, the Tulsi leaf is referred to as the holy basil to purify the mind and body alike.

    Found In: Tropical Chamomile – PM Tea



    Native to India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Burma, Lemongrass is a rich source of vitamins A and C, vitamins of the B group, iron, zinc, potassium, and calcium.

    Found In: Lemon – PM Tea



    Star Reviews

    I love my Skinny AM and PM Tea! I take them regularly and love the taste. Defintely checkout the Detox Water Recipe, I carry my Skinny Water Bottle everywhere!
    Natalie Eva Marie
    Los Angeles, CA
    Received product as free sample.

    STEP 1 - AM TEA

    Bring one cup of water to a boil and pour into a cup. Then place Tea Sachet Packet into cup fully immersing it in the water. The tea bag should sit in for two (2) minutes before you remove it. Enjoy your tea!

    You may also decide to drink it cold (on a hot day?), take one cup of water and place the tea bag in for (2) minutes. Place 2-3 ice cubes and drink up!

    For the people that want to get creative, head over to our recipes and create a mocha of your choosing!

    STEP 2 - PM TEA

    You want to drink this tea 1 hour before you decide to head to sleep. You will prepare it the same way as the AM tea, by boiling water (with microwave or on a pot) and soaking your tea bag in for two (2) minutes.

    On a cold night, you can even drop the Tea bag into some hot cocoa!

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    AM Ingredients
    • Pu-erh Black Tea (Leaf)
    • Green Tea (leaf) Rooibos
    • Cinnamon Chips
    • Ginger Roots
    • Black Pepper
    • Cloves
    • Cardamom
    PM Ingredients
    • Spearmint (Leaf)
    • Lemon Myrtle (Blackhousia Citriodora)
    • Rose Hips
    • Tulsi (Leaf)
    • Chamomile (Flower)
    • Linden (Leaf)
    • Rooibos
    • Green Tea (Leaf)
    • Lemongrass
    • Ginger Roots
    • Juniper Berries