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You know that feeling when you want to lay back in your backyard or the beach, sipping on a delicious cocktail and listening to your favorite tunes? I know that I love that feeling. But, sometimes, we tend to neglect what we love and pass on a fantastic cocktail just because of our diets and most of these cocktails aren't friendly with keto diets. If a diet stops you from eating and drinking what you love, you're doing it wrong. 

Raspberry Peach Bellini

This drink is sure to leave you smiling if you love a fruity drink with some sparkling wine. The tiny ingredient list makes this drink super easy to create, and it is something you definitely need to try. Simply grab some Prosecco or your favorite sparkling wine along with the delicious Raspberry Peach AM Weight Loss Tea by Skinny Bunny Tea. Combine 3 oz of each of these into a mixer, and if you like, you can add a zero-carb sweetener of your choice. Our recommendations are to use monk fruit or stevia! Mix and match until you find what you love best. However, just the tea and wine alone make a great Bellini.

If you want a mocktail instead, you can always substitute the wine with some sparkling water, and you’ll get a drink that is just as good. Are Raspberry and Peach not the flavor for you? That’s not a problem at all! The Skinny Bunny AM Weight Loss Tea comes in a bunch of other flavors so that you can make a fantastic Bellini out of any of them. It is a simple two-ingredient drink that won’t mess up your weight loss plans.

    Tropical Sangria

    This is a great drink to make a pitcher of and bring to a picnic or get together. Once everyone takes a sip, you’ll be surrounded by compliments, and everyone will mistake you for a top-of-the-line bartender. Do you want to know the best part about the tropical sangria? It’s easy to make.
    All you have to do to make this delicious drink is combine and mix some easily accessible ingredients. Combine 750 ml or one whole bottle of Rosé or Chardonnay along with half a cup of white rum and 2 cups of Skinny Bunny Tea's iconic Tropical Chamomile AM Weight Loss Tea, but make sure it’s brewed. Now here is where things get more fascinating. Pick some of the fruitier flavored teas such as the Raspberry Peach AM Weight Loss Tea and the Lemon AM Weight Loss Tea and add it to the mix. These are a great alternative to fruit while you’re following the keto diet. If you like your sangrias with a bit of fizz, you can always add some club soda or carbonated water, too, but it is entirely optional.
    It really is that simple to make a pitcher of some amazing tropical sangria for many people. You can always reduce the quantities to make enough for yourself or store it in the fridge for when you want some more later on. If you’re taking it to the party, you’ll be the talk of the town!

      Pumpkin Spice Hot Toddy

      A hot toddy is a perfect drink to make you feel warm and cozy on those cold nights. It is the best drink before bed when you don't feel like regular old tea, and there’s nothing wrong with mixing things up a bit and creating a delicious cocktail. The recipe is short and straightforward. Brew up 6 oz of Skinny Bunny Tea's excellent Pumpkin Spice PM detox tea and 2 oz of any whiskey you like, as long as its keto-friendly. These two ingredients alone are enough for a great toddy, but if you want, you can add some warm almond milk for a creamier toddy and perhaps a cinnamon stick as a garnish. The warm toddy is a simple yet delicious cocktail for the winter nights, whether you’re alone or even with a friend or two. This drink will never let you down.


      Why Skinny Bunny Tea?

      Skinny Bunny’s AM and PM blends have been around for a while, and we know what we’re talking about. These blends are full of flavor, unlike other weight loss teas and support every diet out there- especially keto diets. What's even more impressive is the wide range of flavors they come in. The Skinny Bunny Weight Loss AM Tea comes in Tropical Chamomile, Raspberry Peach, Chocolate, Lemon and even Vanilla Chai. The Skinny Bunny Detox PM Tea comes in Chocolate, Raspberry Peach, Lemon, Tropical Chamomile, and Vanilla Chai. This wide range of flavors means that you can mix some excellent brewed tea to make incredible fruity drinks, cocktails, smoothies, juices and absolutely anything you imagine. The second you take a sip of the reasonably priced Skinny Bunny Teas, you'll understand what we're talking about.


      You may have thought that cocktails and diets don’t mix. But now, you know that Skinny Bunny Tea has proven all those assumptions wrong. With Skinny Bunny Tea’s flavorful AM and PM blends, you can create an array of cocktails that’ll taste like you used non-keto ingredients. What’s better than a delicious diet drink that doesn’t taste bland like all those other diet drinks out there? These are just a few of the many great beverages out there that you can create with Skinny Bunny Tea AM and PM blends. Try more of the flavors and discover other unique ways to make some delicious drinks from these teas. It's the easiest way to have something that tastes good but doesn’t mess with your weight loss plan at all. Want to know the cherry on top? Skinny Bunny Tea helps aid weight loss and is highly recommended while you're trying to lose weight. You’ll see the best results when you pair our teas with a workout routine and a healthy diet. What's not to love? So, go on and grab some Skinny Bunny Tea now for an adventurous drink full of flavor.

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