• Inga

    Me time = Tea time I've been trying to find the right detox tea that tastes yummy and a friend recommended @SkinnyBunnyTea

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  • Daphne J

    After a long day of shooting all I wanna do is relax and have my "PM" @skinnybunntea Teas are an easy and natural way to detox and nourish...

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  • Ana C

    Beautiful night in the desert relaxing with my family ❤️🌵✨ Detoxing is a great way to look and feel your healthiest, I like drinking the @...

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  • Eriana B

    Detoxing is a great way to look and feel your healthiest. I like drinking the @SkinnyBunnyTea Detox because it's good for you and tastes a...

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  • Sophia M

    I've heard that detoxing is great for you hair, skin, and nails. After using @skinnybunnytea Detox I feel great!

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  • Amanda M.

    Finished my 28 day weight loss and detox bundle! 💖 I have to say I loved this tea. I lost 7 pounds and toned up! Definitely reordering 😄

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  • Tara Y.

    Definitely going to try this infusions! I love these detoxes, they have helped me with day to day energy and I truly feel cleansed! 💗☕️

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