• Tara M

    Just tried @SkinnyBunnyTea for the first time this morning... and I am in 💕with the flavors! Chocolate flavored weight loss drink...AMAZIN...

    @cheetara_flame via Instagram
  • Inga

    Me time = Tea time I've been trying to find the right detox tea that tastes yummy and a friend recommended @SkinnyBunnyTea

    @ingalala_ via Instagram
  • Daphne J

    After a long day of shooting all I wanna do is relax and have my "PM" @skinnybunntea Teas are an easy and natural way to detox and nourish...

    @daphnejoy via Instagram
  • Ashley

    Good deal! Can't wait! The tea is amazing btw I've been using it for months. Perfect compliment to a clean diet and gym routine!

    @abann9 via Instagram
  • Britt S

    Just trued @SkinnyBunnyTea and it's amazing! I'm having the AM energizing tea with black tea, caramel, and vanilla😍❤️💪🏻

    @brittanysuleiman via Instagram
  • Eriana B

    Detoxing is a great way to look and feel your healthiest. I like drinking the @SkinnyBunnyTea Detox because it's good for you and tastes a...

    @eriana_blanco via Instagram
  • Sophia M

    I've heard that detoxing is great for you hair, skin, and nails. After using @skinnybunnytea Detox I feel great!

    @sophiamiacova via Instagram
  • Vida G

    Went to meditate by the water and now enjoying my #SkinnyBunnyTea. Ive been waking up with @skinnybunntea to help me lose weight.

    @vidaguerra via Instagram
  • Mike Z

    I only drunk this tea all week and nothing else and lost 8kg in one week! !! What a totally amazing excellent discovery. ..

    @mickzings via Instagram
  • Amber G

    Best tea I've ever had! I normally don't even drink tea haha. Works great as a replacement for my morning coffee.

    @amber_grn via Instagram
  • Jenn F

    This stuff is amazing!! OMGG. First day of my morning tea and I feel great! Usually I would go to work feeling either starved or bloated.....

    @_jenn1862 via Instagram
  • Dorthea

    I love this tea, I was a little skeptical at first, but my stomach definitely went down, I'm not as bloated and it gave me that push I nee...

    @dorotheal39 via Instagram