• Build Your Booty (not your quads)

    Building the booty is the goal of most women.  Growing it is the goal, but getting the right proportions is even more important!  It can be hard to focus on the booty without allowing your quads and hamstrings to grow.  This can be a problem because if your quads or hamstring are growing faster t... View Post
  • Hate Cardio? Get Shredded Without It

    Booo cardio. You hate it. Admit it. A lot of people think cardio is the key to getting lean. And most people would agree that lifting weights puts on the muscle, while cardio burns the fat. And that both must be done in order to achieve the physique you want. But, by definition, cardio is anythin... View Post
  • Hourglass Figure Tips

    Many females are looking for ways to create an hourglass figure, including tone shoulders, shapely hips, glutes and thighs and a tight tiny waist! So how do you train your body to get all of these? You want to first look at your own natural body proportions.   Do you have larger hips; and need to... View Post